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Online Plastering Course on Video

These plastering videos are excerpts taken from our plastering DVD course available on DVD and for download...

How to Mix Plaster Video

This video explains how to mix plaster to perfection from start to finish. Also see our article on mixing plaster for more in-depth information.

How to Prepare Walls for Plastering Video

This video demonstrates the necessary stages of preparing your surface for plastering - it includes plasterboard, existing plaster and hardwall.

Mastering Plastering DVD and Download Plastering Course Video

This video is a sneak preview of the full plastering course available from us - we are 100% confident that if you follow the six stages of our Golden Formula to the letter then you will be able to achieve absolutely flat and glass-smooth plastering results from your very first attempt that will fool anybody into thinking it was done by a professional.

How do we know? Simple, we've taught hundreds and hundreds of people and the feedback is always the same - people just can't believe how easy it is to get a prefect plastering results when you know how - check out this preview video of our plastering course.

Download the entire set of plastering course videos here or buy the plastering course on DVD - you will amaze yourself with the results.

Read more on how to mix plaster from Mastering Plastering.

Videos and article by Mastering Plastering, written August 16th 2010.

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